The Art of Creation

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The Art of Creation

Mathilde Laurent, Cartier Perfumer since 2005, is one of the world’s most talented in-house perfumers.
Learn how she creates signature fragrances, and defies norms and conventions.



Mathilde Laurent



4 Questions with Mathilde Laurent





What is your role as an In-House Perfumer?

My responsibility is to elevate Cartier perfumery to the level of excellence of the Maison, allowing it to master its skills and formulas.

But above all, my role is to infuse the Maison’s creative and disruptive style into fragrances.





How would you describe the Cartier style of perfumes?

Audacious. A Cartier fragrance has to pay tribute to the Maison’s pioneering spirit and shake up the world of perfumery that is still so conventional.

Cartier’s style is also made of beauty and simplicity. Cartier fragrances are created around a central accord, very pure and majestic.

The Art of Creation



The Art of Creation






How do you create a fragrance?

A fragrance is an idea. At the beginning, the idea is really only intellectual. Then, you have to put it into a bottle so that everyone can experience it.


Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration has always been very diverse; it can be literary as well as visual. For instance, I get a lot of inspiration from photographs.

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